I went to Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan today.

I like Asakusa because Asakusa has preserved its distinctive character. 


This is Senso-ji temple, the most famous place of Asakusa.

This gate's name is "Kaminari-Mon"(Thunder Gate).

The statue of Fujin,a Shinto god of wind is located on the east side on the gate and the statue of Raijin,a Shinto god of thunder is located on the west side on the gate. And "FujinRaijin-Mon" is the formal name of Kaminari-Mon.

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I went to "IYOTETSU SHOP AKIHABARA" in Akihabara, Tokyo today.

"IYOTETSU SHOP" is the souvenir shop of Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, and "IYOTETSU SHOP AKIHABARA" is the first store in Tokyo.

It has juice and jelly of mandarine orange which is a famous product of Ehime, and goods of "Mican" and "Dark Mican" which are the face of Ehime.


This shop is open only on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays.

I hear that sales person is coming to Tokyo from Ehime only on weekends.

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Misaki Port



I had the day off today and I went to Misaki Port in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, to eat tuna.


This is Keikyu train's "Misaki Tuna Tickets" .

This tickets is very good ticket because it includes round trip train and bus fee, tuna dish tickets, leisure facility ticket, and it is only 3500 yen.


I went to Misaki-Guchi Station from Shinagawa Station by Keikyu train.


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Matsuyama City, Japan



I introduce Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

It is a temperate region and it has a lot of sightseeing spots.

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival



I went to Nagaoka Fireworks Festival in Nagaoka City, Nigata Prefecture, Japan.

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival started from August,1946 for purpose of remembrance of the dead of World War II.

It holds near Ote big bridge along Shinano River every August 2and 3, and it has many big fireworks.

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The famous tourists places in Kochi Prefecture



I will introduce the famous tourists famous places in Kochi Prefecture this time.

There are a lot of nice places, for example, Katsurahama Beach. 

1.Katsurahama beach

Katsurahama Beach is a national scenic area.

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The famous tourists places in Kochi City



I did sightseeing in Kochi City, the capital of Kochi Prefecture after Ekin Festival.

I will introduce the famous tourists places in Kochi City. 

1.Kochi Castle

This is Kochi Castle, a symbol of Kochi City.

Kochi Castle's Castle Tower was build in Early-Edo period and it retains its original structure.

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Ekin Festival



"Ekin Festival" is held in Akaoka,Konan City,Kochi Prefecture,Japan every Saturday and Sunday in 3rd Week of July.

"Ekin" is Kinzo Hirose's nickname and he is a painter of late-Edo period and early-Meiji period.


Ekin was born in Tosa domain(Kochi Prefecture) in 1812 and he became chief retainer of Tosa domain in his young age.

But he was suspected to copy a famous Kano school's work and he was discharged from Tosa domain.

After that he lived in Akaoka and became a town painter.

He painted a lot of Shibaie-byobu(Kabuki story based picture) at town's people request.

Ekin Festival was started from 1977.

Ekin's masterpieces are awakened once a year during July, when they appear at the annual Suruta-Hachimangu Shrine Grand Festival.


Ekin's masterpieces are decollated in Akaoka at 19:00.

The sun descend at 20:00 and Ekin's masterpieces are very fantastic.

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Delicious Restaurants and Cafe in Kamakura



I will introduce delicious restaurants and cafe I found in Kamakura.



There are some famous beef stew restaurants in Kita-Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Kyoraian is the most famous beef stew restaurant in Kita-Kamakura.


Kyoraian has a fine garden.

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Kamakura's Hydrangea



June is the season of hydrangea in Japan.

I went to Kamakura City, a famous place of hydrangea.


I went to Hasedera near Enoshima Electric Railway Hase Station in Kamakura,Japan.

Hasedera is Buddhist temple of Jodo shu and it is on the foot of Kannon mountain.

Hasedera is known as a famous place of hydrangea.

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Uwajima Castle and Tenshaen



I went to Uwajima City,Ehime Prefecture,Japan.

The loard of Uwajima was Date Family in Edo Period, and there are two places made by Date Family in Uwajima City.

They are Uwajima Castle and Tenshaen.


This is Uwajima Castle's Castle Tower.

Uwajima Castle's Castle Tower has been remaining from Edo Period, and it is one of "The 12 Castles of Existing Castle Towers".

The first Castle Tower was made by Takatora Todo in 1602, and Munetoshi Date rebuilt it in 1666.


These pictures are the inside of Castle Tower.

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