PDF Maker & Reader

PDF Maker & Reader is a simple and powerful tool for reading and creating PDF.

It can be displayed PDF documents on Smartphone and Tablet and you can input either manually or from the keyboard and add photos, maps, lines and diagrams.

And you can make a new PDF document.

PDF documents that you made can be output to many applications.


[Major Functions]

- You can read PDF documents from iTunes, iCloud Drive and many applications.(compatible with App Extensions)

- You can make a new PDF document.

- You can make a PDF document in the following way.

1. You can input either manually or from the keyboard (compatible with Apple Pencil).

2. You can paste up to photos.

3. You can paste maps.

4. By pasting figures and lines, you can display PDF documents graphically.

- You can upload PDF documents to iTunes, iCloud Drive, applications compatible with PDF and attach them to emails.

You can use PDF Maker & Reader for free for 30 days.

If you will like PDF Maker & Reader and use it for more than 31 days, please purchase subscriptions(In-App Purchases).


Pocket Note : App Store



Pocket Note : App Store