Applications of Studio K's

1. Business

My Knowledge Base is a database application that records data essential to your business.

My Knowledge Base also has an excellent search function, so even if you have a lot of data saved, the app will be able to display data instantly.

By entering lots of data over time, this app can become your capable personal secretary. 


PDF Maker & Reader is a simple and powerful tool for reading and creating PDF.

It can be displayed PDF documents on iPhone and iPad and you can input either manually or from the keyboard and add photos, maps, lines and diagrams.

And you can make a new PDF document.

PDF documents that you made can be output to many applications.


Would you like to make your smartphone or tablet PC into a useful business tool?

Pocket Note is a notepad application specially designed for the business scene.

With Pocket Note, you can quickly put your ideas together by a straightforward, simple operation.



Traveler’s Note is an app which provides you with travel support to bring more excitement to your trip.

Create a travel plan to receive support until you arrive at your destination through notifications and route searches.

You can also record memories from your trip in a variety of different ways.


Tennis Score & Card is an application to record and analyze tennis scores.

Registered scores can be shared by SNS, etc.

Also, you can create a Player Card like a professional player and share it by SNS, etc.



"Scribbling Board for Kids" is an drawing application specially designed for children between the age of 2 and 5.

Children can draw pictures easily by intuitive operations.