I went to MOA MUSEUM OF ART in Atami City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.


MOA Museum displays "RED AND WHITE PLUM BLOSSOMS", a national treasure of Japan painted by Korin Ogata, a painter of Edo Period, between February and the beginning of March.

This picture is painted beautiful red and white plum blossoms and big river.


And MOA Museum has the replica of The Golden Tea Room which was made by Sen no Rikyu under the order from Toyotomi no Hideyoshi in Azuchi-Momoyama Period.


This is "Raku tea bowl named Ayame" which was made by Chojiro and used by Sen no Rikyu in Azuchi-Momoyama Period.

Korin Ogata made "RED AND WHITE PLUM BLOSSOMS" and "WIND GOD AND THUNDER GOD SCREENS" in this art studio.


There is a tea house "Ippaku-an" near it.

This is Matcha tea and Japanese-style sweets.

This sweets is "RED AND WHITE PLUM BLOSSOMS YOKAN" that used "RED AND WHITE PLUM BLOSSOMS" as a subject.


This is the full view of MOA MUSEUM OF ART.

Museum blends into the mountain.


It's the view of Atami's sea from MOA MUSEUM OF ART and it's beautiful.

Let's go to this museum!