Misaki Port



I had the day off today and I went to Misaki Port in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, to eat tuna.


This is Keikyu train's "Misaki Tuna Tickets" .

This tickets is very good ticket because it includes round trip train and bus fee, tuna dish tickets, leisure facility ticket, and it is only 3500 yen.


I went to Misaki-Guchi Station from Shinagawa Station by Keikyu train.


I went to Misaki Port from Misaki-Guchi Station by Keikyu bus.

There are many tuna restaurants in Misaki Port.


I visited Senmiraku, a restaurant managed by a tuna wholesale marchant.


This is "Senmiraku-don".

It includes various type of tuna meats, Akami, Chu-Toro, Negi-Toro, Nakaochi, Bin-Toro and it is very delicious.


It is "Nijiirosakana-go", a pleasure boat that can see fish underwater.

There are Girella punctata and Sacura margaritacea in Misaki Port.


Next, I crossed the Jogashima Island by a small ferry "Sanshiro".

It arrived in about 10 minutes.



This is Jyogashima Lighthouse, a famous place of Jyogashima Island.

It's the view from Jyogashima Lighthouse.


This is Jyogashima Keikyu Hotel.

It has a one-day hot spring "Kirara-no-Yu" and its fee is 1000 yen.(Towel rental is separately 300 yen)

It's the view in front of Jyogashima Keikyu Hotel.

We can see this view from an open-air bath of "Kirara-no-Yu".