Matsuyama's tramcar and Botchan Ressha



The main public transportation of Matsuyama City is a tramcar.

This is Iyo Railway(it is also called "Iyotetsu") Matsuyama City Line.


This is a conventional type car.(Moha 50, Moha 2000)


This is a LRT type car.(Moha 2100)


LRT type car is painted sponsor's color.

This is a car painted characters of Ehime Kokutai(National Sports Festival).

(It is called "Kokutai Mican Car".)


The interior of a tram car(Moha 50, Moha 2000).


Iyotetsu introduced the IC e-card, a smart card ticketing system.

But other smart card, for example, SUICA, PASMO and ICOCA, can't be used.(Apple Pay can't be used.)


You can use free WiFi(Ehime Free WiFi) in a tramcar.


It's the tramcar stop.(Okaido Station)


A flat fare of 160 yen(about 145 - 160 U.S. dollars) is charged on a tramcar.(Children are half price.)

A flat fare of 500 yen is charged on "one day passport for a tramcar" and a flat fare of 800 yen is charged on "two day passport for a tramcar".(Children are half price, too.)


"Botchan Ressha", a diesel-powered replica of a small-gauge steam locomotive installed in Matsuyama City in Meiji Period, runs a route of a tramcar.


   A. Matsuyamashi Station - Dogo Onsen Station

   B. Komachi Station - Dogo Onsen Station

"Botchan Ressha"'s name is based on "Botchan", the novel written by Soseki Natsume.


Its inside restores to original steam locomotive in Meiji Period.

A flat fare of 500 yen(about 450 - 500 U.S. dollars) is charged on it.


Botchan Ressha arrived at Dogo Onsen Station, the terminus.


It makes a turn at Dogo Onsen Station, Matsuyamashi Station and Komachi Station.


There is timetable of "Botchan Ressha" at tramcar's station that is stopped by "Botchan Ressha".


There is a crossing of a tramcar and a train in Matsuyama City.

It is called "Diamond Cross", and it is one of famous places of Matsuyama City.

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